Bill Ferris is a stand-up comedian who writes mysteries, fantasy, science fiction, and horror, and does not do stand-up. He has published several short stories in literary journals, and writes an author advice column at Writer Unboxed designed to help dilettantes and hacks learn nothing whatsoever. When he’s not typing words into a thing, Bill develops online courses at an organization his lawyer advised him not to name. He has two sons who asked not to be mentioned in this bio, but Elliott and Wyatt forgot to say “please.”

Bill Ferris is represented by Evan Gregory of the of the Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency


Bill Ferris is a man of simple tastes, except when it comes to guitars.


Favorite font: Rockwell

Favorite guitar: His Epiphone Flying V. He likes it even more than his Gibson Les Paul, which is saying something.

Favorite book (this changes every couple months without warning): Holes by Louis Sachar

Favorite movie: The Big Lebowski

Favorite band:

  • Classic: Led Zeppelin
  • Modern: The New Pornographers
  • Fictional: Snowblower

Favorite TV show: The Venture Bros.

Favorite day of the week: Tuesday, when his writing group meets

Favorite podcasts: Back to Work and Roderick on the Line

Favorite time of year: Fall. It has the moderate temperatures of spring, but with football on TV and the anticipation of Christmas.

Favorite mode of dress: Either jeans and a T-shirt or a shirt and tie. Bill finds anything in between confusing.

Favorite sport to watch on TV: Football

Favorite kinda-sport to watch on TV: Professional wrestling

Favorite point-of-view: Bill prefers third-person.