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Award Eligibilty Post 2016

Hello! Here's my year-end post about my work that's eligible for awards. It's just one story this year, but it's a good one that I like very much: My Enemy, the Unicorn, published in Unidentified Funny Objects 5. Please enjoy this short excerpt:

Snowflake had been Jax Zoo's lone unicorn since his mate, Raindrop, broke her leg. Scuttlebutt was that the zookeepers had used their gun on her, then split the carcass between the griffins, tigers, and bears. This had come from Lily and her friends, though, and they were full of shit half the time, and at least half-full all of the time. They told Chad all sorts of things, like if he'd been taken to any other state, he'd have rights as a person, but like most creatures of arcane genetics and questionable legality, he'd ended up in Florida.

Back to Work #92: The Florida Episode


I lived in Florida for four years, most of that time in Jacksonville. I genuinely liked it there, but for a native midwesterner, it can throw you for a loop -- the traffic, the daily 3:00 thunderstorms, the fact that no matter what lane you're driving in, it may become a turn late without warning.

In this episode of the Back to Work podcast, Dan Benjamin and Merlin Mann talk about the charming idiosyncrasies that, depending on the person, blur the line between amusing anecdote and soul-crushing adversity. I highly recommend it!

Back to Work #92: The Florida Episode