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Let Bill Ferris create your pen name

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As you know, I recently wrote a column on creating your perfect pen name. I've got some extra author aliases lying around that are free to a good home. All of them are focus-grouped and tested for maximum marketability and book sales-ness. 
  • Archibald Sneak
  • Rachel Staircase 
  • Caroline Vesuvius
  • Smith Woodright
  • Dashiell Hardcase
  • Christine Quisp
  • Keith Von Keith
  • Brooke Las Cruces
  • Lloyd Llarson
  • Pythagoras Steamship
  • Steven Kiing
  • Dan Browne
  • J.K. Rotfl
  • Tyler Linkedin
  • Freddie Facebook
  • Thomas Alva Tutone
  • Basil Worcestershire
  • Ndamukong McCoy
  • Mike McMack
  • Gladys Gnite
  • Sara Consonant
  • Daphne Punq
  • Johnny Vegas
  • Johnny Carlot
  • Johnny Steakhouse
  • Johnny Horserace
  • Jonathan Rugby