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New column at Writer Unboxed: "Get Over Rejection in 6 Easy Steps"

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My new column is up at Writer Unboxed, and it deals with the always timely topic of rejection. And by timely, I mean writers get a lot of rejection slips. Here's an excerpt. 

Be proactive for next time. For future submissions, remember the SASE itself is an extra chance at making a sale. Imagine a sinister editor cackling and twirling his mustache as he stuffs a Xeroxed, quarter-page, form rejection slip into your envelope. But what’s this? Waiting for him inside the envelope is a SECRET ALTERNATE ENDING that replaces your dramatic courtroom scene with a rootin’-tootin’ cowboy shoot-em-up. Only someone with your talent and skill could come up with not one, but TWO endings he doesn’t like.

Read the whole thing here.

Get Over Rejection in 6 Easy Steps