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Say "Cheese!" and smile for the camera, not necessarily in that order. Head over to Writer Unboxed to check out my new column, How to Get the Perfect Author Photo.

What is an Author Photo?

Let’s start with why we’re going through this rigmarole. An author photo is a selling tool designed to let your fans know what you look like so they can properly throw themselves at you when they see you. To do that, you’ll need to…

Hire a Photographer

No, that blurry selfie you use for your Twitter avatar isn’t going to cut it. It’s time to go to a professional. That means someone with AT MINIMUM 500 followers on Instagram. This will not come cheap, but it’ll be the best twenty-bucks-plus-a-case-of-Pabst you’ll ever spend.

It’s time to go to a professional. Look for someone who has AT MINIMUM 1,000 followers on Instagram.

Any reputable photographer should be able to guarantee you’ll get some action as a result of this photo. Ask them about this specifically.

How to Get the Perfect Author Photo