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New Column: DIY Writing Retreat

I'm gonna walk you through the process of setting up a do-it-yourself writing retreat on the cheap.

Photo by Les Haines

Photo by Les Haines

  • Spend the first hour socializing with your fellow writers. You will know a great many things about each other before you’re through.
  • Take a quick hike through the woods to get the lay of the land. Smell the fresh air. Relieve yourself as the animals do; there’s a reason forests are known as God’s toilet. This will also mark your territory in case a wandering pack of writers tries to horn in on your retreat.
  • Vow to just let things happen. “Retreat” implies surrender. Submit yourself to the muse, let her take you where she will. Listen to her whispers—Immerse yourself in the mossy pond, she says? Then thrill as the cold water awakens every nerve in your body. Withdraw to the kitchen for a craft beer at 9 a.m., she says? There’s a bottle opener in the kitchen drawer, the one with all the knives. Trust the muse, she knows her work.

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