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New column: The Definitive List of Christmas Gifts for Writers

Photo credit:  LMU Library

Photo credit: LMU Library

My new column is up at Writer Unboxed: "The Definitive List of Christmas Gifts for Writers." Head on over and take a look!

For Your Friend Who Writes Poetry: Inspiration

You know that friend of yours who doesn’t listen when you say that poetry is a dead art form? And who’d be a dynamite mystery novelist if she quit mucking around with unrhymed nonsense? Inspire her with some classic Agatha Christie. Inscribe it with encouraging words like, “Her work reminds me of yours,” or, “Don’t you just love complete sentences?” Don’t worry whether she likes it or not. You’re doing this out of love; it’s no coincidence that passive-aggression rhymes with massive affection.

The Definitive List of Christmas Gifts for Writers via Writer Unboxed