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How to be an author 24-7: My new column at Writer Unboxed

Want to be a pro writer? My new column at Writer Unboxed shows you how to turn a fun hobby into a pro-level cycle of toil & anguish. Here's a quick excerpt:

You’re home from work (you listened to an audiobook during your commute, didn’t you? DIDN’T YOU?!). Dinner with the fam is the ideal time to focus-group plot points and character sketches. Also make sure to ask your family how their day was. These conversations pay big dividends in writing material, like the literary equivalent of hilltop-removal mining. Your spouse and children will come to know the phrase, “That’s so great, I’m totally putting it into my book!” as the response that is most akin to the emotion they call “love.” 

How to be an author 24-7 at Writer Unboxed