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How to create your perfect pen name: My new Writer Unboxed column

photo by  Amy Strachan

photo by Amy Strachan

I've got a new coumn up at Writer Unboxed dedicated to helping you come up with the ideal pen name to launch your writing career. Behold, an excerpt:

Quick, what’s the first name of your protagonist’s favorite singer? What’s the first initial of your least-favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle? Now tell me your favorite brand of liquor. For me, Robert Plant plus Raphael plus Kraken rum gives me Robert R. Kraken — I’ve already harangued my parents for not giving me this name. You’re on the right track if you end up with something like John D. Morgan or Nico R. Dubonnet. If you come up with Ke$ha L. Ron Rico, please stop writing, because you have terrible taste in everything. 

You can read the whole thing here. And check out some of my other columns while you're there.

How to Create Your Perfect Pen Name at Writer Unboxed