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New column at Writer Unboxed: The Hack's Guide to Writing a Perfect First Chapter

photo by  Jacob Haddon

photo by Jacob Haddon

Go check out my new column at Writer Unboxed. It's called "The Hack's Guide to Writing a Perfect First Chapter," and it's full of the insider tips and practical advice you've come to expect from the Hacks for Hacks brand. 

  • Raise the stakes. I mean for you, personally. I wasn’t kidding when I said this chapter could earn you fame and fortune, or sabotage your whole career. Now, check your heart rate. Place a postage stamp on the back of your neck. If it absorbed enough flop sweat that you can stick it to an SASE, your mind is ready to start writing. It’s not desperation, it’s INSPIRATION!
  • Introductions. It’s time for your readers to meet your characters. Where do they work? What are they wearing? What’s their favorite food? What are their crippling insecurities? What do they want? This information is all just preamble to the burning question all readers have: Are they now, or have they ever been, a member of the Communist party.